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Glenafelly Looped Walks

Glenafelly is a valley in one of the more remote parts of the Slieve Bloom Mountains and allows walkers to explore the geology and former uses of this upland area.

Situated near the entrance on private land opposite the car park is the Fiddlers Rock. This great stone of quartzite was erected in prehistoric times and demonstrates mans long occupation of this valley. The Glenafelly Eco Walk is a loop that passes through mature and semi-mature woods along river banks and on forest roads. The trail follows along both sides of a quiet and remote river valley leading into the townland of Barcam at the top of the valley. The open lower slopes of the valley along the riverbanks contrast with the seclusion of the more heavily wooded upper section.

Directions to Glenafelly trailhead

From Kinnitty Village, take road towards Roscrea (also signposted for Glenafelly). After 1km, turn left for the entrance to the forest is on the left after 1.5kms.

Glenafelly is one of the dozen or so glens that radiate out from Slieve Bloom like the spokes of a wheel. Most of the valley is covered with glacial deposits, so that the underlying bedrock is seldom seen – except where the Glenafelly stream and its tributaries have cut deeply to the base of the till, and sometimes along the sides of the glen.

Four valleys meet at the mouth of Glenafelly: the valley you walked or drove along on your way from Kinnitty, a second wide valley that runs to the north-east, at the foot of Knocknaman, the river-carved valley of Glenafelly itself – and the narrow, wooded gash in the hills through which the road runs south of the car park. This is the Tulla Gap. Unlike Glenafelly, it is not a river valley. It is a glacial spillway.

Walking Events

The Slieve Bloom Walking Club has a programme of organised walks every weekend of the year. All of these walks are led by an experienced and friendly walk leader who is very familiar with the mountains.

A panel of guides are also available if you are are looking for a personal leader who can tailor-make a walk to suit your party or group.

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