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Giant’s Grave Loop

Giant's grave loop
  • Distance: 14km
  • Services: Cadamstown, Clonaslee (12km), Kinnitty (8km)
  • Difficulty: Hard
  • Terrain: Mix of minor roads, forestry tracks, old laneways and riverbank paths
  • To suit: Good levels of fitness
  • Min. gear: Walking boots, fluids, snacks

14 Km - 4 hours - Hard

Cadamstown is situated at the foothills of the Slieve Bloom Mountains, on the banks of the Silver River in County Offaly. The town was at one time home to Charles O’Carroll whose Grandson was a signatory of the Declaration of American Independence in 1776.

Directions to Cadamstown trailhead

In the village of Cadamstown (on the R421 between Clonaslee and Kinnitty), the carpark is located beside Dempsey’s public house. Grid Ref. N 227 085.

cadamstown offaly ireland
Woodland walks

The Walk

  • A-B Starting from the village carpark in Cadamstown Village, turn right onto what was the Coach Road that passes on the right of Dempsey’s Pub. Pass the signpost for the Nature Trail and follow the tarred road for almost 1km to reach an old laneway on your right know locally as Paul’s Lane. Note that the shorter blue loop turns right here – you continue straight, still following the red arrows and the Slieve Bloom Way (marked with yellow arrows and the familiar trekking man logo).
  • B-C Continue to follow the Coach Road for a further 1km to reach a junction with a roadway to your right. Turn right here – still following the red arrow and Slieve Bloom Way.
  • C-D After 1km you join forestry track, and 600m further on you turn left at a junction with a woodland path which takes you to the Giant’s Grave.
  • D-E Shortly after passing the Giant’s Grave the woodland path joins forestry track again. Turn right and continue for 300m and turn right when you reach a 4-way junction (noting that the Slieve Bloom Way goes left here). After 100m you reach a T-junction and turn left – following the forestry track gently uphill to reach a clearing with superb views between two gateways/stiles on the shoulder of The Spink Mountain.
  • E-F Shortly after passing through the two gateways/stiles you enter forestry again and follow the track downhill to a 3-way junction where you veer right. Note that you have now joined the green loop and the Slieve Bloom Way both of which overlap with the red loop on your return to Cadamstown. Follow the forestry road for 500m to a point where it turns left into the forestry. Follow the red, green and yellow arrows through the forestry to exit at a small stream known locally as Purcell’s Book.
  • F-G Cross Purcell’s Brook and turn left onto an old laneway – noting that you have now joined the blue loop on its return journey to Cadamstown. Follow the laneway downhill to reach a gateway at a beautiful weir on the Silver River. Turn right here.
  • G-A Cross a small stile and join the bank of the spectacular Silver River. Enjoy the special scenery and rushing waters for almost 1km before ascending to a wooden stile and entering farmland. Turn left here onto a farm laneway – follow it downhill for 200m to reach a concrete stile. As you exit the farm the trailhead and village are to your left.

Ownership & Management

These wonderful looped walks at Cadamstown have come about as a result of close cooperation between the local community, private landowners and Coillte. Access through the farmland and woodland sections is based on permissive access granted by local landowners who have generously agreed to open up their land. The majority of the forestry sections are owned by Coillte (statutory foresty agency) who have also agreed to permit the walks alongside their commercial operations. The walks here are maintained to a high standard thanks to the work of the local landowners and also the local Rural Social Scheme (RSS) led by George Digan of Offaly Partnership.

Both loops are formally recognised as registered trails by the National Trails Office.

Note that dogs are not allowed on these walks.

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