Fancroft Mill & Gardens

  • LocationRoscrea, Co. Tipperary
  • Listed in Gardens
Fancroft Gardens

Fancroft Mill & Gardens are located on a tributary of the Little Brosna river, part of the Shannon system, about 4 km. North of the town of Roscrea, Co. Tipperary. As the river, rather unusually, flows right through the mill, the structure straddles the boundary between Co. Offaly and Co. Tipperary. FANCROFT is an Anglicisation of the Irish words FIONN CHORADH ……the WHITE WEIR.

An extensive conservation project, commenced in 2006 by Marcus & Irene Sweeney, has resulted in the rescue from dereliction of this mill complex which is of noted industrial heritage importance. A set of new mill stones were installed in 2010. Milling capability is now restored for domestic purposes. A recently installed generator contributes to the household heating system. Approached by the winding road one has no idea of what lies behind the hedge and across the stream which drives the water wheel in the corn mill. Consequently the extensive gardens, created mostly in the 1990’s by previous owner Angela Jupe, unfold as a series of delightful surprises as visitors proceed beyond the pebbled courtyard leaving the busy world behind.